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The D- Lush Hair Collection brings you Deep Wave Hair. If you are looking for big, statement hair, these are the bundles for you. This is a moderate maintenance hair type. Deep wave hair is amazing for wet styling with leave-in conditioner and moose.

  • 100% virgin human hair
  • Minimal Shedding
  • Can be Bleached and Dyed
  • 95-100 grams
  • A typical sew in is about 2-3 bundles 

*Ultimately, the longevity of each bundle is dependent upon how well the bundles are taken

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Shenny moore

Deep Wave 3 Bundle Deal


1. Don't untangle the hair while it is wet.

Before you start shampooing the hair, gently brush out any tangles. If it’s a curly or wavy human hair weave, you can simply finger comb it to avoid creating more tangles or giving it a fizzy look. Avoid combing the hair too much while it is wet. Comb the bundle after the hair is dry. Here at Diamond Lush Hair, we recommend using a wide tooth comb or paddle brush, starting from hair bottom, gently working your way up to weft. Detangling with this method will prevent your hair from excess shedding. For curly hair textures, use your hands to style and gently detangle while wearing.

2. Gently shampoo bundles.

Setting the water to lukewarm (no warmer than 95 degrees), completely saturate the bundle from top down. Letting the water run from the top to the bottom will help avoid tangling. Using mild shampoo, gently distribute the shampoo from the top to the bottom. Do not rub back and forth.

3. Keep the products to a minimum.

Just like with your hair, too many products being used in & on the hair weigh it down and cause dirt build up. Use products that specify weightless technology.

4. Nightly care.

Sleep with satin bonnets and pillows. Cotton and wool fibers snag the hair strands and cause breakage. In the winter, wear winter hats lined with satin fibers to extend the life of your bundles.

5. Can I color my hair?

Of course you can! You can dye and/or bleach your hair. Just like your hair, you still have to be careful. To help prevent extra drying out of the hair, be sure to deep condition the hair at least twice per month.